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Profile: Zoey & Bia - How 2 Rob a Bank

1. What is your role as a current Mathematician?

We are recreational mathematicians who enjoy exploring maths and communicating it to the general public through our podcast "How 2 rob a bank" and informational Instagram posts (@how2robabank). We also have full-time jobs which use the data skills that we learnt in our maths degrees as follows: Zoey - Data science consultant Bia - Portfolio data manager

2. What has inspired your love of the maths community?

Zoey - I remember I always liked how logical the subject was. I've always loved the challenge it brings as well as the satisfaction and accomplishment I feel after solving the problems. It's also applicable in so many different areas! Bia - I love "Festival of the Spoken Nerd" and Matt Parker's stand-up as it was the first time I saw maths presented in a fun way. (I remember he signed my calculator in binary which is one of my most nerdy memories). I also love how mathematicians use quirky names to explain concepts e.g. "The pigeonhole principle" or "The infinite hotel paradox". It's a great way to spice things up.

3. What do you most enjoy about your role?

Zoey - I love communicating and 'uncovering' the maths behind things that people normally wouldn't think about, for example in elections. This role has allowed me to not only teach and share my passion in maths to people who might flinch at the word but also to learn more about maths and its different applications! Bia - One of the best parts is making abstract heist-themed puzzles! It allows me to share maths with some creativity. Moreover, through this project, I've come across some really interesting paradoxes and games - plus, Zoey introduced me to the concept of Zombie statistics! I also love getting to know other people in the maths community and seeing different ways of thinking. 4. What are the common misconceptions in Mathematics that you believe need to be overcome?

Bia - A common misconception is that maths is something you are either good at or bad at. We can all become better at maths with practice, and maths is for everyone! Not to mention that often the things we don't understand at first are fascinating for that specific reason! Zoey - I agree with Bia, we can all become better at almost anything with practice, even maths. Another common misconception is that maths is boring and has no real applications - when will anyone try to determine the height of a building using trigonometry? You'll be surprised that I actually have come across someone trying to work out the height of a building from a photograph not knowing that all they needed to do was use some trigonometry! Maths is not only useful in terms of applications, but it also trains a great problem-solving mindset. 5. What defines you other than maths?

Bia - I love music! I play a bit of guitar & violin. Zoey - I recently started doing yoga, and I do a bit of bouldering! I also enjoy finding and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. 6. Any inspirational role models/ quotes for you.

"The best time to rob a bank was 20 years ago. The second best time is today."

Check out their website here and listen to their podcasts, available on all platforms (Spotify, Apple podcasts etc.). They can also be found on instagram and twitter @how2robabank.

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